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Prompto VS Vivi

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Who is your favorite?

Prompto is everyones Favorite Snap-Happy road buddy. He brings fun ang laughter to the the party, while deep-down, he struggles with his own insecurities and dark past.

Prompto finds out he was originally with from the enemy. He eventually recognizes how much his friends really care about him and who he really is when they tell him that he is not that person he was, but is a a good person trying to saving the world!

Vivi is really just a lost guy in the world trying to find his way.. He just tries to enjoy any chance he can get. He wonders in life, and he wonders who he is and where he comes from.

Vivi learns that he and many like him were also created as a means of war, but was made with shortened life spans. But vivi doesn't let that keep him down for long. He sees the beauty in life and encourages his freinds to do the same.

Two heart touching emotional support characters from similar backgrounds trying to be positive and encouraging, regardless of what happens to them!