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Shiva vs Ifrit - FF8

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Final Fantasy 8

Which Design is Better?

With Final Fantasy 7 Remake being very near, It's only natural that Fans of Final Fantasy 8 be vocal about an 8 remake! FF8 had the great character designer Tetsuya Nomura, so this will be a challenge. These are some of my favorite Summon designs.


Shiva is an Ice-elemental Guardian Force in Final Fantasy VIII. She is one of the two initial Guardian Forces together with Quezacotl. It is implied that she knows Ifrit, as he will comment on her if the player summons her in the battle against him.


Ifrit is the third available Guardian Force in Final Fantasy VIII. He is Fire-elemental and must be defeated as a boss in the Fire Cavern. He is the first Guardian Force to talk, and expresses surprise and alarm if the player summons Shiva. If the player defeats him without summoning Shiva, he will admit he is impressed with the power of humans.